District Apostle Michael Ehrich at the altar in Albstadt
20 January 2020

On Sunday 12th January 2020, brothers and sisters around Ghana joined in heart and soul via live transmission with the brethren at the congregation in Albstadt (Germany), as District Apostle Michael Ehrich celebrated a festive divine service with members of the South Germany district church around the world.

He read a text from Matthew 8:10, ‘When Jesus heard it, He marveled, and said to those who followed, "Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!’

“Jesus is among us whenever we come together at His feet. Wherever we are, He is active; He is found at the centre of the congregation. I am happy we are together again today” remarked the District Apostle as he begun the sermon.

In his elaboration on the text word, the District Apostle highlighted the faith displayed by the Centurion who came to Jesus on account of his servant’s ill-health. He emphasized that, belief in Jesus is fundamental to our salvation. “Faith leads to works; our works determine the depth of our faith” he remarked.

The District Apostle further admonished the members to have an unwavering trust in the Lord even in the face of challenges. “It is a great work of faith when you remain faithful in all circumstances.”

The District Apostle admonished members to:
* Recognise Jesus Christ as the Saviour and Helper of mankind
* Have faith in Jesus Christ
* Trust the Lord in all circumstances
* Believe in the Apostles’ ministry
* Believe in the forgiveness of sins and the holy communion
* Strengthen our faith in fellowship by supporting each other in the congregations

In concluding, District Apostle Ehrich encouraged the congregation to allow their experiences to increase their faith and remain resolute in Jesus Christ.

District Apostle Ehrich called on Apostle Sargant, Apostle Barnsbach and Apostle Schönenborn to assist at the altar.