District Leaders welcoming Apostle Ashie Kotei
5 January 2020

“In the first resurrection, Christ will return and take the righteous to heaven. That is our goal as the New Apostolic Church. We will not be afraid of what the world gives, and we look forward to have a part in the first resurrection. As such, we will glorify God in our body, through our works and actions”, Apostle Ashie Kotei of Cape Coast Apostle Area remarked in his introduction, on the occasion of the fourth Sunday of advent which occurred on Sunday December 22, 2019.

He conducted a divine service at the Central Auditorium of the University of Cape Coast, for choristers of his working area. The service was also attended by other surrounding congregations from the adjoining districts.

The bible text for the service was read from Psalm 23:4, ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the death, I will fear no evil. For you are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.’

Elaborating on the bible text, Apostle Ashie Kotei said David depicted the work of the shepherd because he was a shepherd, and thus also portrayed God as his shepherd.

In total darkness, He is with you
Apostle Ashie Kotei stated that when there is abject darkness, God is always with us. “Difficulties and challenges that confront us in our lives are the total darkness that you pass through, but in all those circumstances, God intervenes on your side.” He emphasized that King Saul pursued David in other to kill him, because God has preferred him, but God showed Himself strongly on the side of David and was with him always. He also recounted how Job in his difficulties also realized that God was with him all the time.

We are as a flock of sheep
“Sheep that do not follow their shepherd go astray, and thus it is with those who do not follow the Lord as their shepherd”, Apostle Ashie Kotei Stressed. ‘Some have gone astray because they have become arrogant, disobedient and have no trust in those leading them in the fold of the Lord. Obedient sheep always hear the voice of their shepherd and follow him.”

Comfort from the rod and staff

Apostle Ashie Kotei posited that the word of Christ is the rod and staff of the Lord that comforts and strengthens us. He said “going astray implies you do not allow the rod and staff to comfort and guide us.” He further urged, “…not to serve two masters; you do not have to be lukewarm in your encounter with the Lord, but do so wholeheartedly. Challenges and difficulties may come our way, but still the Lord is with us.  Our Lord Jesus even suffered on this earth, and God stayed with Him to the end.”

Apostle Ashie Kotei in conclusion said, “Whoever walks with the Lord will go through challenges and difficulties which are like total darkness, but will be victorious. You will not be afraid in abject darkness, because the Lord is with you.”

District Rectors Asare (Assin Fosu), Amponsah (Dwennaama), Allan Hayford (Mankessim) and Deputy District Rectors Odoom (Akroso), Amoah (Mankessim) and Sam (Abura Dunkwa) were called upon to assist at the service. There were 654 members and 2 guests attended.