District Elders Dinkerlacker and Oehler (retired) pose for the beginning of the National Heads of Seminars meeting in Accra
1 December 2019

The entire National Heads of Seminars in West Africa were invited to Accra for a two-day seminar from the 22nd to the 23rd of November, 2019. The venue for the seminar was the Apostle Rudolph Schilling Conference Hall at Osu.

The seminar began with an opening prayer and welcome address by Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya. He took the opportunity to thank the organizers; District Elder Oehler (rtd.) and District Elder Dinkerlacker as well as Bishop Asare (who also supplied the costume for the role plays), retired Bishop Ampadu, Shepherd Fenyi and some of the staff at the Ghana Head Office.

Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya reminded the participants about the task given by the Chief Apostle to all Apostles, in Lusaka Zambia, concerning the Sunday School.  Hence, he called for all to work towards it.  Each participant, as part of their introduction, also shared their expectations on the use of only New Apostolic literature for the Sunday School.

District Elder Oehler (retired) then gave a quick status report and review of Sunday School and Confirmation Class from the African Conference. District Elder Dinkerlacker also took time to explain the graphical reports on Sunday School and Confirmation Class in a power point presentation, with some participants being given the opportunity to explain the trends shown for their various localities.

Another interesting and educational aspect was the role play competition (all bi-lingual), which were beautifully executed to the admiration of all. Everyone performed creditably and so well, it was difficult to determine a winner for the contest!

Basic 1 was the next subject to be treated. The topics were also delivered by some participants:
* What is the New Apostolic Church - by Apostle Yedenou
* What does a New Apostolic Christian believe - by Apostle Amevoh
* Prayer Life - by Apostle Saffah
* Sacrifices - by Apostle Zran
* The three Sacraments - by District Elder Kpegasin
* Holy Baptism - by District Elder Gbeza
* Holy Communion - by Apostle Leno and
* Holy Sealing - by Apostle Chi

Every presentation was accompanied with role plays.