Shepherd Konadu leading the seminar
30 November 2019

On 17th November 2019, Shepherd Patrick Konadu held a seminar for ministers in the Sunyani Apostle Area after divine service. The meeting was held at the Sunyani Central church premises.

Shepherd Konadu introduced the occasion and touched on the importance of the gathering to the gathering. He took the ministers through a number of some topics on acts of blessings, highlighting on their importance and how to conduct such acts properly. He actively demonstrated and role-played the act of Holy Baptism to the ministers. He also took the ministers through the preparation of members for the act of Holy Sealing.

The Shepherd also shared highlights on dispensing Holy Communion. He advised the ministers to keep themselves neat at all times. He indulged the participants to narrate and demonstrate the process of Holy Communion.

A demonstration on the act blessing for naming and dedicating a child was also done by Shepherd Konadu.

The highly interactive seminar was concluded with a question and answer session.