Bishop Ampofo
23 November 2019

Bishop Thomas Ampofo of the Takoradi Apostle Area held a training seminar for all ministers within the Tarkwa District at the Tarkwa central congregation on the 10th November 2019.

The rationale behind the training was to educate, inform and provide a refresher course to the various ministers on wedding blessing and funeral service liturgy. The aim was to equip ministers to carry out wedding blessings and funeral services in their respective congregations without any difficulty.

District Rector Agyapong began the session with an opening prayer followed by an introduction of ministers by Bishop Ampofo. The tutor for the seminar, Bishop Ampofo, then gave a general overview of the training seminar.

The Wedding Blessing

Bishop Ampofo took time to explain in details to the ministers what a wedding is, what has to be observed before a wedding ceremony including preparatory discussion, significance of the wedding blessing, the sequence of wedding ceremony as well as statutory requirements among others. He cautioned the ministers not to check whether a couple is marriageable.

Bishop Ampofo demonstrated that the wedding process is carried out in the context of a divine service. He said the couple are given instructions for a blessed matrimony, both make a promise before God and the congregation, by saying yes and then receive the blessing of the Triune God through the officiating minister.

Funeral Service Liturgy

Bishop Ampofo took the ministers through the process of conducting a funeral service in the New Apostolic Church. He urged the ministers to follow strictly the process outlined in the Minister 2 training manual.

The session ended with questions and suggestions from the ministers. They suggested that the training manual must be made available in their local language to make it easier for them to understand. Bishop Ampofo closed the seminar with a prayer.