Bishop Charles Kesse
18 November 2019

It was a blissful moment at the Konongo Apostle Working Area when Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya made his last visit of the year to the area, joining brothers and sisters in commemorating the 50th anniversary of the church. He visited the Tutuka congregation in the Obuasi District on the 10th November, 2019 where he celebrated a divine service.

The service was based on Psalm 136:1, ‘Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. (NKJV)’

Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya begun his sermon by giving glory to God Almighty for His love, protection and faithfulness for how far the Lord has brought His church. By narrating the beginnings of the church in Ghana, he made the congregants know that the church was accepted by forebearers who were not among the elites and respected in society but through them we too have seen the Church of Christ.

In his sermon, Lead Apostle explained to the congregants that, ‘being thankful’ is an activity that shows our gratitude to God. We thank God based on past events, current and events yet to come. Mentioning some bible personalities such as Noah and Abraham who thanked God through sacrifices, he advised that we need to thank God because He gave us His only Begotten Son to save us. We need to thank God for giving us His Church.

He encouraged the members not to imitate the behavior of Cain who did not willingly and faithfully gave thanks to God through his sacrifice. Our thanksgiving to the house of God opens opportunities, blessings, protection and salvation.

Apostle George Anum Nortey, District Rector Kwame Agyakum and Shepherd Kwasi Mensah also served the congregation. Shepherd Kwasi Mensah was retired from the ministerial work. Nearly 400 members including children gathered at the church for the service.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, the congregation gathered on Saturday evening to listen to the history of the church in Obuasi and Ghana. The program was led by Apostle Nortey, Bishop Kesse and Congregational Rector Agyakum.