Sunday School enjoying their lessons with Bishop Adjabeng (rtd.) looking on
17 November 2019

Departed souls in the beyond, including those who never had the opportunity to hear the gospel, have their sins forgiven, and never took part in the three sacraments, find themselves in a remote condition. They can only get closer to God again through our intercessory prayers.

On Sunday 3rd November, 2019, Apostle Anthony Kuada conducted a divine service for the departed at Addokppe in the Ada District of Volta South Apostle working area.

Apostle Kuada read out the text word for the service from John 2:5 “His mother said to the servants, whatever He says to you, do it”

The Apostle was grateful to the congregants for their attendance and will to show their love to departed souls through their intercessory prayers. He added that indeed, some souls may have even departed out of pain and sorrow through our actions and inactions.

The Apostle further urged the congregants to always pray for the departed souls. He added that God is the only one to decide and grant salvation, however we should open up our hearts in humility and confession, and intercede on their behalf.

The Apostle was assisted by District leaders Agbenyegah, Blibo, Thomas Afun, Harrison Vugah and James Tsekobi Amenyedzi. Apostle Wilson Dzattah (retired) and Bishop David Adjabeng (Retired) were also present at the divine service.