The youth in a pose with one of the elderly sisters (seated in middle)
22 October 2019

On the occasion of Thanksgiving 2019, which was celebrated on the 6th of October, the youth of Hohoe congregation seized the opportunity to embark on pastoral care visit to two aged members of the congregation.

Pastoral care visits are essential for the spiritual development of individual members and the congregation at large. It is against this backdrop that, the youth of the Hohoe congregation set out to visit two elderly sisters of the congregation who could not attend the divine service due their old age.

The youth, led by Priests Joseph, Kenneth Gottah, and Confidence Pataku; interacted with the members, sang songs and hymns to uplift their souls as well as celebrate Holy Communion with them. The elderly sisters were full of joy to have the youth around them. They also seized the opportunity to provide counsel to the youth.

The youth also presented some foodstuff and toiletries as part of the Thanksgiving celebration.