From left: District Rector Alex Akubia at the altar with Shepherd S. Gottah as Interpreter
21 October 2019

On the 12th October 2019, District Rector Alex Akubia, conducted a wedding blessing for Brother Daniel Sonkro and Sister Irene Amankwah at the Bishop Herman Conference Hall, Kpando.

District Rector Alex Akubia read a text word from Proverbs 24:3-4, “Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches. (NKJV)

District Rector Akubia in his elaboration, used the story of Adam and Eve to illustrate that marriage is a divine institution and must be understood from that perspective. He further compared marital life to the act of building a house, “A blessed house” as he called it.

District Rector Alex Akubia stated that in building a house, each building material mixes and interweaves into each and one another. If each building material tries to assume independence then, we begin to see cracks in the building. “Certainly, such a house cannot stand the test of time” he stated. “Let neither of you attempt to assume independence, get united as one body; let your house be built with divine wisdom” the District Rector admonished.

“After building a house, what is the next thing to do? Maintenance!” Said the District Rector Akubia. “How then do we maintain a building? By constant tidying up and regular renovation. To tidy up and renovate your marriage, forgiveness, fear of God and constant prayer is required. Do unto your spouse what you would like your spouse do unto you” stressed the District rector.

District rector Akubia further advised the couple, “You (Daniel and Irene) must endeavour to maintain the blessing of your marriage which you receive today and your home shall become a Bethany, full of precious jewels and treasures of peace, love and godliness.”