District Rector Emmanuel Quansah served the Cape Coast Central congregation
19 October 2019

“Thanksgiving is a celebration of reflection and gratitude, a feast of fruits. It is celebrated all over the world at different times, due to the different harvest periods (nac.today)”.  The case is no different in Ghana, where most Apostle Areas in the southern part of the country celebrated Thanksgiving 2019 on 6th October 2019.

The message of God’s abundance grace and gifts, our gratitude, praise and cheerful giving was shared.

Everything is from God
At Cape Coast Central, the text word was taken from 2nd Corinthians 9:8. Based on the text word, 92 members were admonished to give thanks and be grateful to God at all times by District Elder Quansah: “Everything is from God, He is life and gives life. Everything is by His grace, we cannot do without Him.  Always show your gratitude, whenever, to God.”

God is the giver of all things
At Osu in Accra, District Elder Felix Adjei was grateful to God for all the good things he showers on His children. Using 2nd Coriinthians 9:8, he urged the member of about 161, to be grateful to God Almighty for His abundant grace. Four adults and a child were adopted and baptized respectively.

Our offerings help the church
At Ve-Koloenu, District Rector Akubia thanked the 36 members present at the service for all their offerings and sacrifices all year round. He encouraged the members further by saying that our offerings greatly supports the salvation work of God, and the church in itts many activities. The service was conducted on 2nd Corinthians 9:8.

Sing praises and give freely

At Aviyeme in the Battor district of the Volta-South Apostle Area, District Rector Thomas Afun urged the 70 souls present to sing songs of praise at all times and give freely with a cheerful and thankful heart at all times. He based his sermon on Psalm 96:2.

Blessings in giving out of unconditional love
Shepherd Amponsah Boateng served 176 members of the Tema congregation (Accra East district) on the text word Malachi 3:10. “There is more blessing in giving than in receiving. Our offerings must be a gift of our love for God and our neighbour. Let us offer without any expectations in return. Let us sacrifice, and offer the many gifts, talents and resources given us both for the work of God, and to help our needy brothers and sisters. Our thanksgiving and offerings to God, as well as the helping hand to our neighbour is a measure of our faith and love in Christ.”