The youth from Dambai sailing across the River Oti en route to the youth gathering
29 September 2019

God loves us and knows our needs, so why pray to Him? How do we pray? What is required of an effective prayer? Where and when do we pray? Does God really answer our prayers and how? The answers to these questions were provided by the Volta North Apostle Timothy Akubia in a lecture on Prayer to the youth at Borae No. 2 on 21st September 2019 as part of their mini youth day celebrations.

The Volta North Apostle Area spans across the Oti River in the Oti Region. In order to allow for enough preparation towards the 2020 National Youth Camp, the Apostle and the Youth leadership decided to organize mini youth days, having grouped the Apostle area into three zones. The journey required the Apostle and his entourage, as well as the youth from Yariga and Dambai to cross the Oti River via a ferry and boat respectively. The program began at 10 AM.

The Apostle stated that prayer is an interaction with God. He went further to explain other key aspects of prayer:

* God loves us, He knows our needs, why pray?
– “Our heavenly Father desires to interact with His own, as it was with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He wants to have a conversation with us. We can interact in God through the medium of prayer”, said the Apostle.
* How then do we pray? – The Apostle stated that God is omniscient and one cannot hide anything from Him. He advised members to pray in truth and sincerity, coupled with humility. “Be truthful ad open your hearts to the Lord while you pray, let Him know of your weaknesses and sins you have committed. Do not lie to God in prayer”, he emphasized.
* The requirements of an effective prayer? – The Apostle explained that, for a prayer to be effective, one requires three forms of trust – trust that God is present while you pray, He listens to all you will say, and He answers prayers.
* Where and when to pray – “Pray at all times, if not at all, after rising, before meals and before we go to bed” the Apostle advised. He further explained that, prayers can be said anywhere, but intense prayers may require internal and external quietude and peace as well as isolation.
* How long should one pray? – The Apostle avers that at times, just a word or two is enough. “God, listens to whisperings, even our tears say much” said the Apostle.
* Does God answer our prayers? When and How? -  The Apostle stated that God answers prayers at His own will and time. He affirmed that God at times provides the answers through dreams and visions as well as through His word (the sermon).

“Do not preoccupy yourselves with your worldly schedules so much so that you hardly interact with God. Constantly interact with God not only when you are in need, but at all times, everywhere, in truth and sincerity”, the Apostle concluded.