A female football team takes a group picture before a game
21 September 2019

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, a different kinds of sporting games were played. Each and everyone had fun. Some of the games were football, athletics, lime-on-spoon race, sack race and tug-of-peace. Indeed, the Apostle even had more ideas for the next area youth camp, “I am preparing to introduce a new game hopefully on our next meeting”, he said. “This is to ensure peace and togetherness among one another in the New Apostolic Church especially Nkawkaw Apostle area”.

Bible Quiz
A bible quiz was also organized in the evening, of which Nkawkaw district emerged winners. The quiz was mostly based on Acts of the Apostles and the Sacrament. The youth were advised to consistently study their bible so that they do not fall prey to false teachings.

The youth of Nkawkaw and Abenase districts performed an exciting drama  about how to reach out to the last souls, care and love for everyone irrespective of the their situations. The performance was directed by Sister Emma Ansong and Brother Richard.

The New Concept of Ministry & NAC Doctrine
Apostle Andrews Boakye spent time with the youth where he explained the new concept of ministry. He further explained that there have been some changes in the ministerial hierarchy, along with the various acts of blessings accompanied with each major function or leadership office. He also took time to answer questions from the youth on related matters and the doctrine.