Group Bible discussions by one of the 10 groups
16 September 2019

Friday, 16th August marked the second day for Dunkwa Youth camp held at Diaso.  The youth were in joyous mood because they were treated to something quite different from the usual. The day’s activities were as follows:

Group Bible Discussion – This hinged on excerpts from a divine service that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider celebrated in Uganda titled “Let the light shine!”  The youth were put in ten groups of about thirty in each group.  All the ten had leaders who presented summaries of their discussions to the entire youth present.

Rich in Evangelism
– The youth walked through the principal street of Diaso amidst singing and jubilation.  They also shared the Gospel with some of the communards and distributed some NAC magazines (Our Community) to them.

Opening Ceremony – Apostle Benjamin Darko officially opened the youth camp by praying with the youth and blessing them.  He also admonished them to be disciplined, and prepare themselves for the work of God.  “… take your education with all the seriousness you can”, the Apostle added.  His speech was preceded by a drama display by the Diaso District Youth.

Guidance on Security – The youth received training on emerging trends in security.  Chief Inspector Yeboah from Diaso Police took the youth through several ways to stay alert and prevent avoidable events that may threaten their lives.

Training on Entrepreneurship – It was all joy when the youth received answers to their questions concerning: setting up a small business, maintaining the business and expanding the business.