Apostle Timothy Akubia at the altar
15 September 2019

Apostle Timothy Akubia, Volta North Area Apostle, on Sunday 8th September 2019, conducted a divine service at Kpando-Gabi congregation in which seventeen (17) souls received the were Holy Sealed. The souls were drawn from five congregations in the Kpando district namely Kpando-Adofe, Kpando-Gabi, Kpando-Torkor, Sovie New-Town and Anfoega.

The Apostle read a text from 1 Corinthians 11:26; “For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes (NKJV).

In his elaboration of the text, the Apostle stated that Holy Communion is a meal of love. He explained that Jesus Christ exhibited genuine divine love for mankind to be able to make the sacrifice which established Holy Communion. "Let us show this genuine love to one another, through perfect forgiveness which includes repaying evil with good", stressed the Apostle.

The Apostle further reminded the members that Holy Communion is a meal of remembrance, fellowship and profession of our belief in the birth of Jesus Christ in the form of man, His death, resurrection, ascension and His promised return.

He concluded by advising the members to resist any attempt by the evil one to cause us to make the celebration of Holy communion a mere habit, thereby trivialising its significance and effect on our life of faith. “Let us be overflowing with the strength derived from celebrating Holy Communion and remain steadfast until Christ returns”, stressed the Apostle.

Apostle Timothy Akubia was assisted by District Elder Robert Amenyogbe, District Evangelists Benjamin Amenyogbe and George Sunu as well as Shepherd Isaac Kuma Akuley. Eighty-nine (89) souls attended this service.