Starting point for the health and socialization walk
12 September 2019

On Saturday, the 31st of August, participants in the Sunyani Apostle Area youth camp 2019 took part in a 9km health and socialization walk from the compound of Dormaa Senior High School to the principal streets of Dormaa Ahenkro.

The ultimate reason for embarking on this is to be rich in health as well as to let people know about the New Apostolic Church.

Also, bringing together and bonding the youth in fun games is an important part of helping teens get to know each other. In the afternoon, all the 10 districts in the Apostle area participated in a friendly sports competition for football (both boys and girls) and other sporting events.

The day ended with a bible quiz competition and choir ministration by all the districts within the Apostle area. Participated districts who performed wonderfully were rewarded.