Chief tutor District Evangelist Sunu explained the 3 structures: Important lessons, Even years and Odd years
10 September 2019

Apostle George Sam and Bishop Thomas Ampofo, together with the Chief tutor, District Evangelist George Sunu of the Takoradi Apostle Area held a training seminar for all district leaders within the Apostle working area at the Kojokrom congregation in the Takoradi district on the 24th August 2019.

The rationale behind the training was to educate, inform and provide a refresher course to the various districts leaders on Confirmation lessons, Minister 1 and Basic 3 work manuals. The aim was to impart the ministers so that they can also train their various ministers or teachers within their respective district.  

Apostle Sam began the session with an opening prayer followed by an introduction of ministers by Bishop Ampofo. The chief tutor District Evangelist Sunu of the Kyekyewere district then took up the mantle and led training seminar.

Confirmand Lessons – I ALSO WANT TO…..

The chief tutor, District Evangelist Sunu, took time to explain in details the structure, content, symbols and trimester in the training manual. Furthermore, he brought up the sequence of confirmation divine service and the attributes of a good confirmation teacher. He made mention to the ministers the age limit for confirmands and duration for their classes. Lastly, he reminded the participants to always perform a role play while training their various teachers in their relevant districts.


The deputy chief tutor, Shepherd Isaac Kwaw of the Kyekyewere district, took his turn to deliver on the new ministerial structure of the New Apostolic Church. He explained the levels of ministry, leadership functions and structural entities as well as demonstrating the different acts of ordination, appointment and assignment.
District Evangelist Sunu explained the reason and the content of the schism, the reformation and characteristics of the main Christian churches. He also addressed the sequence and contents of our future: First resurrection, marriage of the Lamb, 1000 years kingdom of peace and the New Jerusalem. These were demonstrated with a role play.

The training ended with questions from some ministers as well as a theoretical test on the topics treated. Bishop Ampofo closed the seminar with a prayer.