Apostle Edward Edward Nzimah welcomes some participants during the opening ceremony
8 September 2019

The Youth Camp continued their camp on 30th August 2019 with activities such as morning devotion, opening ceremony, health talk (Hepatitis B), talks, and song ministration.

Morning Devotion

Priest Godwin Yeboah (Asawinso District) advised the youth to live a godly and moral life based on text from 1 Corinthians 6:9. He was supported by Deacon Fuachie (wiawso District) and Deacon Frank Boadu (Essam Debiso District)

Opening Ceremony
Apostle Edward Hayford Nzimah welcomed all the youth and thanked them for being part of this year’s programme.

Holy Baptism with Water
District Elder David Addae (Boako District) in a teaching then explained the New Apostolic doctrine on Holy Baptism with water as well as an introduction to doctrine on Holy Communion.

The Situation of the Youth

District Evangelist Augustus Adika Lavoe (Wiawso District) gave a one hour lecture on the stages in the physical and psychological development of the youth and its associated effects and features.

Health Talk- Hepatitis B
Brother Felix Enin, a health practitioner from the Ghana Health Centre at Sefwi Asawinso gave also gave a talk on hepatitis B to the youth explaining the meaning of Hepatitis B, symptoms, treatment and prevention. He also answered questions from the youth.

Career Guidance
Apostle Edward Hayford Nzimah in a guidance session interacted with the youth where he shared ways to discover their talents and passion to in selecting careers. He also encouraged self-employment as a viable opportunity within the growing economy.

Open Forum & Songs Ministration
There was an open forum led by District Elder Edward Yaw Enin (Wiawso District) where the youth interacted and shared ideas with the Lead Apostle, Apostle and other leaders on ways to help engage and grow the church at youth level. The Asawinso District Youth Choir then entertained the youth and the church leaders with choral songs.