Youth members excited to embark on the walk through Busunya
6 September 2019

On Saturday the 24th day of August 2019, Community Evangelist Asante Eric, Priest Bright Agyapong and Priest Charles Owusu led a devotion based on the text word Titus 3:1. The youth were entreated to humble themselves whiles alive, be ready to take advice from all kinds of people irrespective of their gender, personality or age and also heed to what elders tell them to do and not be recalcitrant.

It is said that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, because of this, youth members were brought together for a walk through the principal streets of Busunya district. The youth members got the opportunity to explore the township. After the walk, there were fun games like eating competition, sack racing and football to entertain themselves.

In the evening around 7:00 PM, there was an open forum of where the youth had the opportunity to get many of their questions answered, bothering on the doctrine of the church.