A section of the youth during morning devotion
31 August 2019

Saturday 17th of August 2019 happens to be the third day of the Kumasi Apostle Area youth convention at Nyinahin. The entire program for the day was full of excitement and entertainment. The youth in attendance were ready for the events as it unfolded. Shepherd Opoku started the day with morning devotion. He was assisted by Deacon Owusu.

Doctrinal Issues
Community Evangelist Lord Barwuah Oheneba took the mantle after morning devotion with Doctrinal Issues. He enlightened the youth on the church’s doctrine such as Infant Baptism, Holy Communion and Holy Baptism. He supported the seminar with references from the NAC Catechism and the Holy Bible.

Float and Vineyard work in Nyinahin community.
It was very exciting and entertaining as over 250 vibrant youth took to the streets of Nyinahin, accompanied by a brass band, singing songs of inspiration and adoration as they announced their presence in the community. The youth used this opportunity for vineyard work and distributed copies of Our Community magazine.
The afternoon ended with a sports competition among the 13 districts under the Kumasi Apostle Area. Some of the sports events were lime-on-spoon, sack race, tug-of-peace, volley ball, scrabbles and soccer.

‘Man in Need of Redemption’ and Bible Sword Drill
Later in the evening, Priest Philip Andzie talked to the youth on “Man in Need of Redemption”. He advised the youth that sin separated man from God and only God can redeem man from the bondage of sin. This was followed by bible sword drill to test the knowledge of the youth in the bible. Kumasi District won the Bible sword drill exercise.

Night of Art and Music

The day was climaxed with an art performance from the joint dancing crew, and the magnificent Kumasi Youth Choir entertained the youth with melodies of choral music and local gospel highlife songs.