Welcome address by District Elder James Awuah (Nyinahin District)
29 August 2019

The much-anticipated youth convention for the Kumasi Apostle Area finally arrived with an expectation of about 500 youth from 13 districts by the host, Nyinahin District. Nyinahin is the capital of Atwima Mponua, a district in the Ashanti Region.  The convention was held at the Nyinahin Catholic Senior High School under the supervision and leadership of Apostle Amos Osei-Du, the planning committee was all set to register youth members at the venue. This kicked off at 8:00 in the morning.

The first district to report was Kwanfinfi district due to their closeness to the venue.

A Welcome Video Show & Opening Ceremony

The technical team of Kumasi area started the event with a video show of the International youth Convention 2019 in Düsseldorf. At 5:30pm, District Elder Awuah James (Nyinahin) welcomed the youth to the district and announced commencement of the convention after an opening prayer. He encouraged the youth to be serious with the lectures and seminars scheduled for this convention as the leaders have something good to help their future. He ended with the introduction of the district leaders.

History of NAC

Every church has its origin, history and doctrines. Shepherd Yendu Morris took the youth through the history of NAC in Ghana. He advised the youth to use their time to talk about the church and to spread the word of God.

Hymns play an important role in the activities of the church. Choirmasters and organists available at the convention taught the youth two hymns.
The night was climaxed with a stage play for the youth by Nyinahin District youth themed “it pays to wait”.