Some group members during their discussion
27 August 2019

Group Discussion and Presentation
The first program on the 2nd day, 10th August, of Volta-Central Youth Camp was a group discussion among the youth. The gathering were put into four thematic groups to discuss the topics of Grace, Mercy, Favour and Moral Life as a New Apostolic. After an elaborate discussion, each group leader presented their findings.

The New Ministry/Salvation Plan
Apostle Richard Senyo Osei delivered a lecture on the New Concept of Ministry and Salvation Plan. He made members aware that God is perfect in everything and He has a plan for mankind and this plan is for man to return to Him. He also highlighted on the beginning of the early church through to when the New Apostolic Church emerged. He also spoke regarding the Holy Sacrament as part of the salvation plan.

Health Education
Dr. Gideon Abusah, from Ho Teaching Hospital gave a talk on Genetics. He educated and encouraged the youth to seek for genetic counselling before they go into marriage.  Participants asked numerous questions to which answers were provided.

Entertainment was not left out of this year’s youth day celebration. There was a football game among the youth from other districts. The main purpose is to make the youth associate with one another. The Lead Apostle, together with other ministers, was present at the games to witness the games.

A Dinner Night with the Lead Apostle
There was a special dinner, highlighted by culture and choral music, with the Lead Apostle. The audience enjoyed themselves with a choral performance and borborbor dance from the youth. The Lead Apostle reminded the youth on the theme ‘Rich in Christ’ and also encouraged them to go out to the world, proclaim the word of God to people and bring them into the vine yard.