The entrance of the Ho Technical University where the camp was held
25 August 2019

The 2019 Day of the Youth was here again. The Volta Central Apostle Area Youth were together at the Junior Common Room [JCR] of the Ho Technical University for this august occasion.  
This 3-day assembly gave the young people the opportunity to know each other, have exposure to a range of contemporary matters of faith and their day to day living, as well as celebrate a divine service as one family of youth with the Lead Apostle and their Apostle.

The line-up of activities were as follows:
* A presentation on Coding – a practical approach to the skill of software and applications development
* Motivational talk and guidance in the professions of education, health, information communications technology as well as starting a business
* A seminar on the Salvation Plan as per the NAC doctrine
* Peer discussions and presentations on the NAC doctrinal perspective on the issues of Grace, Mercy, Favour and Morality
* A health talk on the subject of Genetics
* Dinner with the Lead Apostle with choral performances by the youth choir
* Celebration of Divine Service with Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya

About 400 youth were expected to be part of this year’s camp under the theme, “Reaching out for the Last Soul”