Brothers in Christ during the football competition
14 August 2019

Saturday 10th which was day 3 of the Takoradi Apostle Area youth camp was magnificent, rewarding and full of entertainment. Every youth was enthused to partake in each program as the excitement from the previous day was still fresh on their minds.

Vineyard work in Kikam township
It was very exciting and entertaining as over 200 vibrant youth took to the streets and township of Kikam accompanied by a brass band, singing songs of inspiration and adoration as they announced their presence in the community. The youth caught the attention of the inhabitants living them with one big question in mind “who are these people?” The community welcomed the youth by joining the float.

Social media, the double-edged sword
 “The term social media refers to web, mobile technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insight, experiences and perspectives online”. These were the words of District Evangelist Samuel Boadi as he began his presentation on social media and its proper use. He made it clear to the youth that social media is like a two edged-sword; it can benefit you when it is used well and it can hurt you when used improperly. He continued “Understand that your Christian witnessing can be very effective on social media or you can look hypocritical. Telling everyone about how great church was on Sunday is fantastic, and then telling everyone you are going out to get blind and drunk on Friday sends mixed messages. Be consistent”.

Adolescent nutrition and quiz
The best way to adolescent nutrition was not left out as Miss Portia Ehwia took the youth through the topic. She admonished the youth to take their nutrition serious and be mindful of the fact that bad nutrition affects adult-onset of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer risk, overweight, type 2 diabetes, eating disorders and obesity.

Six rounds of questions were made to test the youth’s knowledge in all the topics and presentation that took place during the entire youth program. Kyekyewere district emerged first, Essiama district Second, Tarkwa District was third while Takoradi took the fourth position.