Priest Joseph Tetteh leading the morning devotion
13 August 2019

The Second day, 9th August, of the Takoradi youth camp was awesome as the programs unfolded as planned. The youth were excited all day as they were taken through drama, doctrinal teachings, leadership and history of the New Apostolic Church in Ghana.

God’s Word applies to me
Friday’s program begun with morning devotion which was conducted by Priest Joseph Tetteh. His quote was taken from Mathew 7:3-5. He advised the youth to assess themselves before criticizing people.

Further images of the revelation
District Evangelist Sunu demonstrated a stage play as he took the excited youth through the sequence and contents of the future. He touched on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, marriage of the Lamb, 1000 years kingdom of peace and the New Jerusalem.
It was then followed by a presentation on the topic “Leadership’’ by Community Evangelist Eric Obiri.

Concept of Ministry explained in detail

Shepherd Isaac Kwaw left the youth thrilled as he walked them through the various ministries in the New Apostolic Church. He went further to explain the roles and significance of the Apostles ministry, Priestly ministry and the Deacon ministries. To end his teachings, he explained the five structural entities that also exist in the church, “the congregation, the district, the Apostle district, the district Apostles district and the global church. There are five leadership functions associated with each of these five entities, the Rector leads a congregation, district Rector leads a district, Apostles lead the Apostles district, District Apostles leads the district Apostles district and the Chief Apostle leads the global Church”.

History of the New Apostolic Church in Ghana- the responsibility of the youth

Apostle George Sam rounded up Friday’s program with the history of NAC in Ghana. Speaking on the inception of New Apostolic Church in Ghana, Apostle Sam said Mr Joseph De-Graft  Essel from Abura, near Cape  Coast, was sealed and ordained as deacon on 28th April, 1968.He was then commissioned to carry the message of the re-established Apostles ministry to Ghana. On the 10th of January, 1969, he returned to Ghana to establish the church. The first chapel was built in Ghana at Abura in Cape Coast in 1971. He then advised the youth to study doctrines of the church.