Rich in ministry and fatherly guidance: The Apostle, Bishop and District Leaders of the Accra Working Area
8 August 2019

David says in the Psalms, he will praise the Father in heaven because he has been wonderfully made. So is each one of us, the wonders of the Father in heaven goes beyond our understanding. None of us knows how we were made. These were the thoughts of Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo, as he shared the Word with nearly 750 youth, espousing the continual need to praise God in the wonders and infinite mysteries in His marvellous works.

The Apostle conducted this special divine service on the last day of the 4-day youth conference at Gomoa Anonyi /Abaasa, 4th August 2019, basing his sermon on Psalm 139: 14, ‘I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvellous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.’

Marvellous are His works. “Beloved, look around you to the sun, the stars, the moon, the sea, the rivers; these are the wonders of the Heavenly Father. Take a look at your being, your beauty, your strength, your intelligence; all wonderfully made by the Father. Indeed, some are rich, some poor; some are strong, some weak, but all these go to complement the wonderful works of God” said the Apostle.

We all have a part to play as God’s creations. The Apostle continued, “It doesn’t matter who or where you are. The Lord has a purpose for you. For this reason we must praise the Father in heaven. Those of us who are strong, have been made so for a purpose. The rich have been made rich for a purpose. Let the rich help the poor, let the strong help the weak.” In the wisdom of God, we have been made as we are for a reason.

We have been fearfully created in Spirit for a purpose. The Apostle emphasized the blessings of our selection as God’s children through our baptism and holy sealing. “We have been selected wonderfully for a purpose. We have a chance to celebrate Holy Communion with the Father, we are close to the Father.” We are fearfully made, because in us lives the Spirit that created the world, the Spirit that dominates everything. By this power, we are able to intercede for the departed, through prayers, to receive salvation. “Let us be thankful for the Holy Spirit in us. Even in death, we cannot be held captive. We shall rise and join the Lord Jesus on His return. Let us make use of this Spirit because the grace of the Lord rests upon us.” he concluded.

The Apostle was assisted by Bishop Asare, District Elders Kodi (Ningo), Agbozo (Oboyambo), Donkor (Swedru) as well as District Evangelist Hammond (Accra West) and Priest Danso (Akwapim).