Welcome ceremony at Kave
22 July 2019

Apostle Anthony Kofi Kuada joined District ministers within the Volta-South Apostle Area to celebrate the Divine Service for the Departed at Kave in the Sogakope District on Sunday 7th July, 2019. Kave was selected for the occasion based on rotational itinerary in Volta-South.

The text word for the service was Mark 6:34, “And Jesus, when He came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having  a shepherd: and he begun to teach them many things.”

In his sermon, Apostle Kuada said, “We are grateful for the opportunity created for both the living and dead to attain salvation.  It is our avowed responsibility to intercede for the departed through fervent prayers with faith.  We should, therefore, strengthen the weak through teachings and encouragement at the altar of grace.  We have wronged others in various ways, so, a lot of them go astray for lack of self-realization, inability to learn, refusal to reconcile and to accept the word of God.  Prayer and forgiveness should be our passion.  The joy is that, the departed souls will also be partakers in the First Resurrection”.

Apostle Kuada cited the stories about Lazarus and the rich man as well as the woman from Samaria who proclaimed the salvation message after an encounter with Jesus Christ.  He urged members to use the authority vested in the Apostles’ ministry to suppress the works of the devil and advance the opportunity to intercede for the souls in the beyond.

District Elders Amenyedzi and Afun as well as District Evangelists Samuel Konu, Simon Goka and Awude assisted at the altar during the service. 273 members participated in the service.

Earlier on Saturday 6th July, Apostle Anthony Kuada held a brief meeting on Saturday with the District Ministers to map out strategies for the 2019/2020 Youth Day and the 50th anniversary celebrations. This was followed by a welcome service for the gathering in the evening.  He based his teachings on John 4:8. Apostle Kuada intimated that the Lord Jesus Christ established reconciliation towards salvation for mankind.