Some 200 youth gathered for the District Youth service in Tema
21 July 2019

We all want to be blessed in every aspect of our lives, but what constitutes blessings as a child of God? What do we have to do to be blessed by God and our bearers of blessings? In a special divine service for the youth of Accra East district in Tema on Sunday 14th July 2019, District Elder Ebenezer Adjei spoke about the blessings of God.

He based his sermon on Genesis 27:28, ‘Therefore may God give you: Of the dew of heaven; Of the fatness of the earth; And plenty of grain and wine.’

The District Elder explained the words of blessings spoken by Isaac in the text word:

The dew of heaven.
Spiritually, dew symbolizes the refreshment and nourishment we get from the House of God. “It makes us stronger to overcome worldly challenges. Isaac gave his son, Jacob, this ‘dew’ to be refreshed to overcome challenges and move beyond his boundaries, standing firm in God.” he said.

The fatness of the earth. “This represents fruitfulness or fertility.” District Rector Adjei explained. He recounted the report of the growth of the church in Canada by District Apostle Krausse following a visit by Chief Apostle Richard Fehr. “The congregations held on to the Word of God and lived by it. It became fruitful in them and they carried the Gospel to their neighbours.” He added, “In our everyday lives, let us continually pray and have firm belief in our prayers to God to manifest His favour, and yield fertility in our physical lives.”

And plenty of grain
. The District leader said, “Beloved, that is the Bread of life. The Word we receive from the House of God; to strengthen and anchor our faith in our Heavenly Father.” He encouraged the youth to always partake in divine services to be filled with this Bread of life, the Word.

And wine. He explained that wine represents joy; the joy we experience in the House of God.
In summing up, the District Elder advised the youth, “Jacob believed in the blessings bestowed on him by his father; and it worked for him. When we believe in our leaders, it shall be well with us. We have our Apostles proclaiming the Word, let us believe in them.”

District Evangelist Amoah, Shepherds Amponsah, Kankam and Appiagyei as well as Priest Tetteh (Accra East District Youth leader) assisted. Some 200 youth were in attendance.