The state of the footpath before the reconstruction
18 July 2019

The church building of Tutuka congregation in Obuasi district is located on a mountain. The view of the Tutuka Township is clearly seen when one is at the church premises. There are two ways that lead to the church building; the footpath and lorry road. The footpath is more frequently used by the congregants. Unfortunately, the state of the pathway was in deplorable state making it difficult for the old and elderly to climb to the top.

In the mid to late afternoon of 7th July 2019, the youth members of Tutuka congregation mobilized themselves to reconstruct this footpath. With the use of simple tools such as pick axes and shovels as well as the rich wealth in youthful manpower within the congregation, the footpath was reconstructed.

The youth were excited to have the opportunity to work for our Master Jesus Christ. “We are servants of Christ and we deserve to maintain the footpath for the children of Christ. We normally do this to show our love and joy in Christ’s work and we will always do it until our Lord comes” said brother Asante Hayford, the youth leader. The Rector of Tutuka congregation, Priest Samuel Arthur thanked the youth and encouraged them to maintain their happiness in Christ.