The Sunday School before the divine service
15 July 2019

Apostle Samuel Ayidana celebrated the divine service for the departed with brothers and sisters of the Tindongo congregation in the Sheaga district of the Bolgatanga Apostle area on Sunday 7th July 2019.

The service was based on a text from the book of Ezekiel 34:12, ‘As a shepherd seeks out his flock on the day he is among his scattered sheep , so will I seek out  my sheep and deliver them from all the places where they were scattered on a cloudy and dark day’.

Beginning his sermon, the Apostle encouraged the congregation to let the Word of God dwell deep in their hearts and say good things to their neighbours just as we seek good things from God. “We can change this place, Tindongo, as a God loving place.”

Reflecting on the text word, he reminded the congregants to be faithful in our Lord and Saviour and keep in mind we are on a journey to Zion. “We profess our belief in the resurrection of the dead and hope for our own transformation. We are strangers and should do everything as such on earth.” He asked, “Many came to this earth before us, where are they?”

Continuing, Apostle Ayidana added that we are relatives to the prisons. It is us who can defend them. They have no other opportunity to speak for themselves. Many are dead who never had the opportunity to be baptized with water and Holy Spirit. We need to help these souls seek spiritual redemption. We can do this by praying for them. “Let us trace for the lost ones through our prayers.”

In conclusion, Apostle Ayidana further elaborated that we are not New Apostolic by chance or self-qualities, but rather have been chosen to intercede on behalf of the dead and for ourselves just by the grace of God. This is possible through our prayers and firm belief.
District Elder Roger Nabong and District Evangelist Suguruman Yaw Laar (Bolga) assisted the service.