The video of the Concept of Ministry by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Scheider
11 July 2019

The Concept of Ministry, as announced by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider on Pentecost day, was further clarified by District Rector Ebenezer Adjei as he led a district ministers’ meeting on 7th July 2019. The assembly came off at the premises of the Osu congregation.

Key on agenda were the following:

* Explanation on the concept of ministry
* Change in divine service liturgy as regards invitation to Holy Communion
* Preparation for the Accra Apostle Area Youth Camp 2019
* Seminar days for Sunday School, Confirmation Class and ministers
* District Youth service
* Filling of divine service report sheets

As part of the education on the Concept of Ministry, a video by the Chief Apostle elaborating on the changes was played. District Rector Adjei also took the chance to respond follow-up on the video. He also added that a detailed education on the changes will be carried out by Bishop Asare (Accra Apostle Area) on the 28th July 2019.

Over 50 ministers were present, with all rectors of the 10 congregations in attendance.