The poster of the Accra Apostle Area 2019 Youth Camp
10 July 2019

Community Evangelist Albert Odum, Assistant Area Youth Leader for the Accra Apostle Area, conducted the penultimate meeting with the organisers and planners for this year’s Youth Camp 2019 on 6th July 2019 at the Central congregation premises of the Accra West district.

Community Evangelist Odum run through the approved program outline of activities, detailing the various arrangements and logistics already in place. Also top on agenda for discussion were:
* Update on lodging facilities
* Security matters
* Execution of plan for the seminar day
* Contacts and confirmation of resource persons
* Submission of final list of youth participants from district youth leaders
* Provision of medical supplies
* Selection of brass band to support evangelical health walk

“My people, we have barely 3 weeks to go. Together with the Area Youth Leader and District Youth leaders, I will be visiting the premise again this week to finalise all arrangements. I urge you to put in the effort to make this youth camp come off successfully”, Community Evangelist Odum said to the gathering of the 9 members of the planning team present as he rounded off the 2-hour meeting.