Apostle Anthony Kofi Kuadah leading the meeting
31 May 2019

Following his tour to all the seven Districts, Apostle Anthony Kofi Kuadah held his maiden meeting with the District Ministers in the Volta South Apostle Working Area on Saturday, 25th May, 2019 at Ho - Agortorme.

This was to enable him ascertain the strengths and weaknesses as well as other challenges facing the development of the Apostle Area. Notable topics discussed at length were Welfare, Youth Empowerment/Youth Day, and Conducive Place of Worship.

District Evangelist Philip Katorge, the Seminar Co-ordinator, in the Volta South Apostle Area sensitized the district ministers on the need to hold the approved seminar on Minister 1 and Basic 3 and forward reports for onward submission to the Administration Office in Accra.

Apostle Kuadah seized the opportunity to invite the district ministers to the forthcoming Service for the Departed at Kave on Sunday, 7th July, 2019.

Finally, Apostle Kuadah encouraged the District ministers to forge ahead to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in their ministerial work to please the Lord.