Lead Apostle greets the district ministers on his arrival
28 April 2019

From victory to victory, the brethren of the Konongo Apostle Area lifted high His Royal banner, as they climaxed their 50th anniversary celebrations of the church in Ghana in a divine service conducted by Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya. This occurred on 21st April 2019 at the premises of the Adako-Jachie congregation. He was hosted by Apostle Anum Nortey (Konongo Area) and accompanied by Apostle Ohene-Saffo (Accra Apostle Area) as well as Bishops Kesse (Konongo) and Asare (Accra).

The service was based on the text word Luke 24:46-48, ‘Then He said to them, “Thus it is written, and thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.  And you are witnesses of these things.”’

There was also a special bible reading taken from Mark 20: 1-10, 19-23.

Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya began his sermon by exalting our Lord’s resurrection, “My beloved brothers and sisters, just as the choir sang, our hearts sing with joy and we rejoice in the glory of our Lord because truly, He has risen victoriously from death. An event that besides Him has never occurred in history, and will never happen in the future. There is no other faith than ours, where the author and diviner assures his disciples of his return and eternal fellowship in glory, except for our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the divine mystery revealed to us, for the sake of our salvation.”
Reflecting on the text word and bible reading, the Lead Apostle explained the symbolism of the folded handkerchief in the empty tomb as a message from Jesus to the Apostles of His unfinished work on earth. “Indeed our Lord is risen! His resurrection has given triumph to life over death, light over darkness and truth over falsehood.” He added, “On this very parcel of land we stand, our forefathers worshipped idols. But the power in the Resurrection has established the Apostle’s ministry here, sharing the gospel of eternal life. His resurrection has revealed the truth and light to this land and the world.”

“Let us all place our sinful hearts of stone before the Lord, here in His house. The Lord died and has arisen. The Cross bears all the weight of our sorrows and sinful deeds, let no one return crestfallen in grief. Go back shining and witnessing in the light of the gospel and bring forth those in darkness into the light, all to the glory and honour of God. And, as we witness this faith and belief, the divine blessing of salvation and eternal life will be shared with everyone. May the Lord bless us all, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” The Lead Apostle concluded.

Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya was assisted at the altar by Apostles Ohene-Saffo and Anum Nortey as well as Bishop Asare.