Rich in health: Participants warming-up at the starting point
11 April 2019

In the rich fellowship of joy and love, up on the mountainous township of Aburi (Eastern Region), more than 600 brothers and sisters from the Accra Apostle Area continued the golden jubilee celebrations of the church in Ghana with a 6.0 kilometre health and evangelical walk. This occurred in the early morning of 30th March 2019.

Members and ministers from the Accra East and West Districts as well as the Aburi District took part in this event. The walk began with a warm-up session from the Presidential Lodge at Peduase through the towns of Ketaase, Nsuasi and Aburi.

The participants were welcomed at the finishing point in the Aburi Botanical Gardens by the District leader for Aburi. Following a warm-down session, members were refreshed with water, coconuts and other fruit servings.

As part of the activities, District Elder Adjei (Accra East) led prayers of thanksgiving, adoration and supplication to God on the topics of:
* Our 50th anniversary and its celebrations
* The growth and sustenance of the church
* The strengthening and uplifting of the faith of members
* The provision of the physical needs of members

Thereafter, participants enjoyed the communion of their gathering through games, sharing of food, singing and picture-taking.

Bishop Charles Asare, District Elders Adjei (Accra East), Arhin (Accra West) and Osae (Aburi) as well as the Shepherds and ministers from all 3 districts were there to guide the event.