Apostle Anthony Kuada with the Sunday School and ministers
30 March 2019

Members of Aflao congregation received Apostle Anthony Kofi Kuada, the newly ordained Apostle for the Volta South, with joy on Sunday, 24th March, 2019.  That was his maiden visit to the Sogakope District after his ordination. He was accompanied by District Elder Felix Shittie Agbenyegah. The Apostle also shared few thoughts with the Sunday School prior to the divine service. In all, 112 souls were fed with the word of God during the divine service.

Apostle Kuada based his teachings on Mark 9:2 (KJV), ‘And after six days Jesus taketh with him Peter, and James, and John, and leadeth them up into an high mountain apart by themselves: and He was transfigured before them.’

Apostle Kuada began his sermon by saying, “Different groups of people were assigned by a master on a field at different times within a day, but all received the same remuneration. This generated jealousy and criticism since some of the groups worked for more hours than others.  The first souls of this congregation should, therefore, develop love for the gospel, bring more souls into the vineyard of the Lord and await the results on the glorious day.”

In his teachings, Apostle Anthony Kofi Kuada expressed that the disciples experienced great difficulties that Jesus Christ had faced and were filled with fear. The transfiguration of Jesus Christ on the high mountain with the revelation of the saints (Elijah and Moses) brought about God’s glory to allay fears and strengthen the faith of His disciples.  This glory was above the knowledge, understanding and capabilities of the intellectuals.  On the high mountains, the disciples appreciated the glory of God.

He stressed that as Jesus Christ, the pacesetter, overcame the devil amidst all trials, so also, they must become overcomers as God’s glory awaits them on the return of Christ.  He cautioned members to be patient, steadfast and avoid unnecessary urge for earthly possessions.

District Elder Felix Shittie Agbenyegah was called to serve. After the divine service, Apostle Kuada spent some time with ministers to deliberate on the progress of the Aflao congregation and issues affecting the Sunday School and the Youth in his working area.  Rector Delali Freeman Agbozo spoke for and on behalf of the ministers.