The Chief tutors and deputies singing a hymn at the beginning of their 2-day seminar
21 March 2019

District Elder Oehler, supervisor in charge of seminars and training across West Africa, facilitated a two-day train-the-trainers’ seminar for all Chief Tutors and their deputies and day’s seminar for Apostles and their Bishops respectively. These events came off from the 14th - 16th of March, 2019 in Accra with the Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya present.

On the 1st day, the Lead Apostle in his opening address welcomed all participants and urged them to fully absorb and apply each lesson in their various districts. He also re-emphasised the importance of seminars and the integral role they play in the spiritual development of members. Explaining further, he stated that all these were geared towards the fulfillment of the wish of our Chief Apostle to:
   1. Intensify and improve spiritual education of our Sunday School children to the remotest congregation.           
   2. Prepare leaders for the future
   3. Increase attendance at Divine Services.
   4. Encourage members to sacrifice
The facilitator, District Elder Oehler, then took the chief tutors and deputies through over 23 topics from the Basic 3, Minister 1 and Confirmation manuals; all delivered through a blend of group and activities, role plays as well as questions and answers. Other issues discussed included:
* Facilitation of seminars for Sunday School and Confirmation Classes
* Gifts to 2019 & 2020 confirmands
* Update on 2019 International Youth Convention (IYC) in Germany
* Seminar for all National Heads of Seminars (NHS) in West Africa

On the 3rd day, District Elder Oehler led the 16 Apostles and 4 Bishops through a day’s seminar on topics ranging from the Confirmation, Minister 1 and Basic 3 manuals; Youth Care and Planning Sunday School and Confirmation System.       

The Lead Apostle in his closing remarks urged all participants to strive to help achieve our objectives, bring to fulfillment the desire of our Chief Apostle and also to be fully equipped to be self-reliant by the year 2020. He also expressed his gratitude to District Elder Oehler and Bishop Ampadu (Rtd) for their marvelous and selfless works.