Apostle Samuel Adiyana with a retired brother welcoming Lead Apsotle Samuel Oppong-Brenya
23 February 2019

In God’s love and praise, the Apatanga congregation which is the home congregation of the new Apostle, celebrated a festive divine service with Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya on Saturday morning, 16th February 2019. He was accompanied by Apostle Samuel Ayidana.

The text word for the service was taken from Genesis 1:27, ‘So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them’

‘’We can feel the air blowing but our naked eyes cannot see. We can feel the air in our nose and mouth, nevertheless we cannot touch it. So is God Himself.’’ asked the Lead Apostle as he explained the text word. Our God is nearer to us but we don’t have the eyes to see Him. He sees us and knows us because He created us and has given us what is needed for our lives. This makes us feel His love today.

The Lead Apostle further explained to the congregation that through the love of God, He wakes us to see the light of day, when we sleep and experience death and know not where our bodies are. This makes it necessary that we come to the house of God with joy and give Him thanks, and experience the benefits of His creation.

He mentioned that man did not come by chance but was created by God. However, before man was created, God had created everything which made man glorified to be the last thing to be created by God. Man was created to have a perfect alliance and feel the presence of God in unity. Hence, God gave man a sense of reasoning so he can feel his being and feel the nearness of God.

In the Lead Apostle’s conclusion, he advised members to take care of what God has given us. He mentioned that Jesus Christ came to die to redeem man from sin because He is a perfect man and God. He could overcome all forms of sin and lived in close relationship with God. He loved man and took better care of nature. Through the Holy Spirit, we can have a fresh mind and spirit to obey God.

Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya was assisted by Apostle Samuel Adiyana and District Evangelist Simon Adonbile. There were 89 brothers and sisters in attendance.

The Lead Apostle later paid a courtesy call to the family of the Apostle Samuel Adiyana for the demise of his brother which occurred on Friday 14th February.