District Apostle Ehrich being welcomed by flower girls from the Old Ningo Sunday school
24 January 2019

District Apostle Michael Ehrich, accompanied by Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya and 4 other Apostles, celebrated a special divine service with our brothers and sisters at the Old Ningo congregation premises on the 23rd January 2019. Brethren from the Ningo, Dangbe, Ada and Aburi districts partook in this divine service.

The text word for the service was taken from Matthew 10:12-13, ‘And when you go into a household greet it. If the household is worthy, let your peace come upon it. But if it is not worthy let your peace return to you.’

In his opening words, the District Apostle was thankful for the opportunity to celebrate this divine service in the working hours of a Wednesday morning, and shared his joy in the desire of the congregation to be part of the divine service.

“Our task today is to accept the Lord through His disciples, in His Apostles” said District Apostle Ehrich as he reflected on the text word. He explained that we have two options in our attitude and approach to the Apostles’ ministry, “to accept the Lord through His servants where we get blessings and peace out of the Lord; or to reject Him through His servants where we will be judged by the Lord Himself”.

He recounted the belief and the acceptance of the gospel proclaimed by the late Apostle Schilling on his first visit to Ghana 50 years ago. Today, the church in Ghana has the peace and blessings of God. “The blessing of God does not mean we have a life only of pleasant things, or have no needs in our physical lives, but in all situations we can get peace from God. However, the biggest blessing is to be prepared for the day of the return of the Lord Jesus”.

He also added that we must fight against sin. “We are all sinners. Nobody can stay away from every little sin, but before God it is a big difference if you fight against sin or not. And when we do, and are not successful, we can ask and receive grace at the divine services.”
District Apostle Ehrich urged the congregation to keep our thoughts and focus on the return of the Lord Jesus. He explained that although it is good to care for our physical being, we must focus and prepare for the return of the Lord Jesus and our eternity with God.

Apostle Boakye (Nkawkaw Apostle Area) and Bishop Asare (Accra Apostle Area) were called to assist. Two District Evangelists were retired. In replacement, a Priest and a Shepherd were ordained District Evangelists.