Apostle Osei Du talking on the theme
14 November 2018

On the 21st September, 2018, the Koforidua Central Church came to life when the maiden edition of the Breakfast Meeting was held. The program was organized under the theme ‘Watch Your Tongue’. Apostle Osei Du (Kumasi Apostle Area) was invited as the main speaker with Apostle Robert Asampong (Koforidua Apostle Area) the host, also in attendance. Other Koforidua Apostle Area ministers were also in attendance.

The program began at 10 AM with an opening prayer by District Elder Osabu Appiah. Apostle Osei Du then took centre stage to speak on the theme. He began by thanking the congregants and all people present and also urged members to be self-disciplined, very committed and support in building the Church. In summary, he highlighted the following key points on the theme:
* The tongue is the most powerful of our bodies
* It can bless or curse
* It can bring chaos to nations
* It can bring judgment on us
* It can also bring destruction on us
* We should guide and guard our tongues
* We should exemplify in our daily lives the Christian faith and works of God

Apostle Robert Asampong also spoke about the life we live on earth. He emphasized the following:
* Christians should plan well and save towards the future to be successful
* We do not need excessive materials to live, fulfillment of our basic needs are enough
* Christians should focus on eternity with Christ
* We must be baptized, Holy Sealed and take Holy Communion

The event was attended by 284 people with the participants in full praise and satisfaction requesting for the meeting to be made a bi-annual event.