District Elder Adjei addressing a topic on the agenda
10 October 2018

On the 7th October 2018, ministers of the Accra East District convened for their monthly general meeting at the premises of the Osu congregation. The meeting was chaired by District Elder Adjei. Assisting him was District Evangelist J.B. Amoah. There were 36 ministers in attendance from all 10 congregations in the district.

The key notes of the meeting concerned two major issues:
* The visit of the Chief Apostle in January 2019
* The visit of the District Apostle in November 2018

The major concerns, as highlighted by District Elder Adjei, involved the following:
* Preparation of the Accra East choir and venue, for the wedding ceremony to be blessed by the District Apostle at East Legon on 17th November 2018
* Preparation of the Accra East choir as part of the united choir for the District Apostle divine service to be held at the Central congregation premise on the 18th November 2018
* The formation and scheduling of rehearsals for the ministers’ and wives’ choir for the Chief Apostle service to be held in Koforidua on the 26th January 2019.
* Transportation of ministers and wives to the Chief Apostle service in Koforidua

Other topics discussed included the following:
* Feedback from the various Thanksgiving offertory
* Painting of all congregational buildings by the 31st December 2018
* Bible studies, prayer meetings and testimonies
* Support for the ‘2 Sides of Strawberry’ youth program on the 26th December 2018
* Announcement of the 2018 Youth Dinner to congregational rectors and ministers
* Gifts for retired ministers
* 50th anniversary cloth for members and ministers