Shepherd Amponsah Boateng with the ministers at the altar singing the opening hymn
9 October 2018

Brothers and sisters in Accra joined in oneness of heart with the New Apostolic Church family around the world to celebrate Thanksgiving on the 7th October 2018. At the Tema congregation, members shared this special occasion with their rector, Shepherd Amponsah Boateng, as he led the divine service on the day.

This text word for the service was taken from Job 28:24 (NKJV), “For He looks to the ends of the earth, and sees under the whole heavens”

“Yes, all thanks and praises be to God. Today is a big day for us. A big day because we have a special arrangement with God. Today we offer a special offering and sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. A special offering out of our joyful hearts. And so this makes today a special day for us.” Shepherd Amponsah Boateng said as he began his sermon after the choir had sung the hymn All thanks and praises be to God.

Reflecting on the text word, the Shepherd illustrated the awesome nature of God where He sits on His throne in all power and control; He is the creator of heaven and earth and has control over everything on this earth. However, despite Job’s right standing before God, the Lord allowed hardships and adversities on him as a testimony of Job’s faith and trust in Him.

Shepherd Amponsah Boateng further added that unlike other creations, God exceptionally moulded man out of the earth for which reason we must continue to be thankful to Him. As Christians we are not exempt from hardships and challenges, but just as Job held strong in faith and trust, so must we hold firm in the Lord.

“Let us be thankful to God; in everything we should give thanks unto the Lord. Whatever the worry or burden, it will not surpass that of Job’s.” the Shepherd added. “Never give up on God. He keeps us like an eagle cares for its eaglet. He created heaven and earth; the Lord does what He pleases. Stand firm just as Job did, so you can pass the tests of this earth.” said Shepherd Amponsah Boateng in conclusion.

The Rector was assisted by Community Evangelist Sackey as well as Priests Tetteh and Badu. There were 118 souls in attendance.