The participants of the Basic 1 seminar waving goodbye
11 September 2018

A Basic 1 seminar for ministers as well as a Sunday School Teachers’ seminar was successfully organized on the days of 4th – 5th and 6th – 7th September 2018 respectively for the Nkenkaaso District (Kumasi Apostle Area).

The Chief Tutor for the Kumasi Apostle Area, Shepherd Owusu Agyabeng took the ministers through various lessons including what is the New Apostolic Church, Our faith, History of the New Apostolic Church and the meaning of the Church Emblem.

The other topics were prayer life, sacrifices, order of service and the sacraments.  It was refreshing to see the ministers show a lot of enthusiasm in the topics as well as exhibit the knowledge they have acquired in a role play The ministers were very much appreciative of the seminar conducted.

The Sunday School teachers’ seminar for 12 teachers occurred on the 6th and 7th September, 2018. They were taught how to use the teacher’s manual and role plays for the various lessons. Role play which allows the students to better understand the lessons of the Sunday school was a key point of the seminar. As Sunday school teachers, the ‘5 + 10 commandments’ of a good teacher was also highlighted to equip them for their task.
The teachers were glad to have received the lessons and were energized to deliver the Sunday lessons going forward.