Group picture of the Confirmation Class Teachers in Accra East District
3 September 2018

On Sunday August 26th 2018, Shepherd Karel de Heer (Osu Congregation) held a seminar for the 16 Confirmation Class teachers from all the 10 congregations in the Accra East District of the Accra Apostle area. The seminar was held on the premises of the Osu congregation.

In a lively, contributory and very engaging class that saw the sharing of ideas, the brothers and sisters shared their experience on the challenges they presently faced as confirmation tutors, the joy of seeing the confirmands show positive interest in the lessons and finally looking forward to the actual confirmation day.

The role play and group work covered The Lord's Prayer with each group demonstrating a selected section of the prayer, as well as individual presentations and exercises from the 2018 to 2020 Confirmation Teachers Manual - I Also Want To.

With the examples given from the seminar and the new materials given for the next two years, all the brothers and sisters are confident and looking forward to a livelier, fun and participatory confirmation lessons.  The seminar ended with a commitment by all the participants to stay in touch and share regular experience and feedback from their respective congregations.