Trainers in the Kumasi Apostle area
21 August 2018

A two – day Train the Trainer Seminar that was organised on 26th – 27th July, 2018 for the Local Seminar Teachers in the Kumasi Apostle Area.

The Chief  Seminar Tutor for the Kumasi Apostle Area Shepherd Owusu Agyabeng and his assistant District Evangelist Paul Agyemang took the teachers through seminars on the Sunday school, Confirmation Class, Youth Leaders and Rectors, similar to the one held in Accra with District Elder Oehler in Accra recently.

The Teachers were taught how to use the Sunday School Manual and instituting role play as the best means of teaching the Sunday School Children. A vital point that was stressed during the Seminar was the proper recording of Sunday School Class. It was made clear to the teachers that confirmation Classes is now for two years and is for Children from 12 years to 14 years.

The teachers were further taken through qualities and responsibilities of a rector, relationships of a rector, Administration, Organisation and how to find qualified Church Ministers. They were also made aware of the situation of the young people, expectations of the young, organisation of youth work and recreational activities. All the 20 teachers were energized to transfer the knowledge acquired to the other Ministers and Teachers.

The Basic 1 seminar for Train the Trainers in the Kumasi Apostle District also started on the 31st July, 2018 and ended 1st August, 2018.

The ministers were reminded that The New Apostolic Church is the continuation of the early church and also the vision and mission of the church was explained.  The ministers were taken through the Creed, history of the NAC, meaning of the church emblem, sacrifice, order of service and the sacraments.