District Elder Adjei at the altar during the opening hymn
1 August 2018

The District Elder for Accra East (Accra Apostle Area), Ebenezer Felix Adjei, conducted a Divine Youth Service for the youth on the 29th July 2018. The service was held on the premise of the Ashaiman congregation and also presented an opportunity for the District leader to meet the district youth prior to the annual Youth Camp to be held on the 2nd-5th August 2018 in Accra. He was accompanied by District Evangelist Amoah and other ministers from the district.

The service was based on the text word Jeremiah 1:7, ‘But the LORD said to me: “Do not say, ‘I am a youth, For you shall go to all to whom I send you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.”

In the opening statement, the District Elder remarked that the periodic youth services create an opportunity for the youth to be advised and take counsel from the Lord. He shared the example of Joseph who despite his extraordinary physical handsomeness, did not lean on his own self and take advantage of the many vain opportunities offered him, but rather sought the Lord in all his ways and took counsel in His words. In the end, the Lord God not only drew closer to him, but also guided and guarded him through his travails to a very dignifying and elevated status in his later years.

The District leader further advised the youth that David relied not on his strength, but drew inspiration from God and eventually became the hero of Israel. He therefore added that the youth should not shy away from responsibilities in the church as well as use their God-given talents to support and advance the work of God.

District Elder Adjei was assisted by District Evangelist Amoah, Shepherd Ansong of La Congregation, Shepherd Quansah-Haylse of Tema, Shepherd Sowah of Teshie 1 and Shepherd Afenyo of Ashaiman. The Accra East Youth leader, Priest Tetteh was also called to serve.

After the service, the District leader also took the opportunity to thank the youth for their collaboration in preparing for the camp and advised all to be disciplined and take part in all activities. 132 youth members were in attendance from all 10 congregations within the district.