District Elder Adjei explaining a point from the seminar guide
16 July 2018

District Elder Ebenezer Felix Adjei conducted a seminar on Minister 2 for the ministers within the Accra East district of the Accra Apostle working area on the 8th of July 2018. The session targeted all congregational priestly ministers and deacons from the 9 district congregations.

The seminar formed part of training and knowledge-sharing for ministers in their duties of caring for the members of their congregations. The ministers discussed various subjects on how to approach and handle issues faced by members within the congregation.

Among the topics treated were the purpose and objectives for Pastoral Care, objectives and conduct of sick visits, initiating and maintaining contacts with guests, maintaining contact with inactive members as well as the responsibilities and tasks of deacons. They were also involved role play on Pastoral Care to affirm their understanding of the lessons learnt.

The seminar, attended by 49 ministers. It was followed by a brief meeting by the District Elder. Of the highlights was the preparation for the 2018 Youth Camp to be held at the University of Ghana from the 2nd - 5th August 2018. The Assistant leader for the Accra Apostle Area, Priest Odum, updated the gathering on the status of preparations involving accommodation, feeding, security and contents of the programme outline.