Little shelter welcoming Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya
8 July 2018

On Sunday, 1st of July 2018, Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya visited the Ho Central Church for the Service for the Departed. Accompanying the him were Apostles Pidah, Dzattah, and Akubia from Volta Central, Volta South and Volta North, Apostle areas respectively.

The text word for the service was taken from Matthew 28:18, “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, all authority has been given to me in Heaven and on Earth.”

In his sermon, Apostle Oppong-Brenya stated that God has given His Son, Jesus Christ, all authority in Heaven and on Earth, and it is this authority Jesus has also given to His Apostles on Earth.

He further added that there are many realms in the beyond that are categorized according to our lives on earth. He explained that when we die, our souls are placed captive under a realm that is descriptive of our deeds on earth, for example murderers will be placed under the realm for murderers. Likewise, those who believed in Christ through His Apostles and lived a life of patience, love, forgiveness and remained faithful to the end will be placed in a realm that will enable them to join Jesus Christ in the first resurrection and be with the Father.

Apostle Oppong-Brenya therefore called on all souls on earth, and in the beyond, to have trust in God and Jesus Christ through His Apostles so we can all be with the Lord.  
Apostles Dzatta and Akubia were called to assist.