Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya (left) listening to Apostle Dzata at Agortorme
12 June 2018

Lead Apostle Samuel Oppong-Brenya toured three Districts within the Volta South Apostle Area from Friday, 1st June to Sunday, 3rd June, 2018. The aim was to prepare ministers towards Chief Apostle’s visit to Ghana in 2019 and to highlight his objectives for the year 2020. He also enlightened members on the church’s policies and doctrinal developments to sustain their faith. He was accompanied by Apostle Dzata and the respective District ministers.

On Friday, 1st June, 2018, the Lead Apostle met 22 District Ministers at Agortorme in the Adaklu Tonu District.  His teaching was based on Proverbs 3: 27 – 28. He stressed that ministers who are stewards are empowered to share precious divine treasures – wisdom, confidence, grace, joy and hope – to members who deserve it.  He added that ministers are called to aid the Apostolate to prepare the bride for Christ.

The next stop was on Saturday, 2nd June, 2018 at Anloga in the Sogakope District. The Lead Apostle held a Divine Service for the Youth based on the text word 1 Peter 5:6, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hands, that He may lift you up in due time.” The Lead Apostle urged the youth to treat their neighbours as themselves, walk in humbleness before God and work for Him wholeheartedly with all their skills, abilities and knowledge; which they possessed by grace. He was assisted by Apostle Wilson Dzata, Bishop David Adjabeng and District Elders Felix Agbenyegah and Anthony Kuada. There were 282 souls in attendance.

The Lead Apostle Oppong-Brenya then ended his tour with a divine service at Frankadua in the Frankadua District on Sunday, 3rd June, 2018.  He first interacted with the Sunday School Children on various bible characters and encouraged them in their studies.  The text word was taken from Luke 10:20, “Notwithstanding, rejoice not that the spirits listen to you but your names must be written in heaven.” The Lead Apostle stated that miracles were not a pre-requisite for one’s name to be written in Heaven, therefore, those who are desirous to go to heaven must abide by the word of God. He further indicated that as birth registration certified ones true citizenship, so also Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing are heavenly requirements.  As part of the service, a Shepherd was ordained for the district. The Lead Apostle was also assisted by Apostle Wilson Dzata, District Elder Blibo and District Evangelist Simon Goka. The service witnessed a congregation of 254 souls.