The District Apostle welcoming the active and retired ministers
12 May 2018

On the 26th of April 2018, District Apostle Michael Ehrich visited Ghana and conducted three programs throughout the day:

The morning session saw him interact with some individual Apostles and Bishops (active and retired) and their wives.
The evening program was in two sections:

1. A general meeting with the Apostles and Bishops (active & retired) and their wives all numbering about 58.
The District Apostle begun this meeting by reading a bible text from the Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 25: 1  “In three things I was beautified and stood up beautiful both before God and men:/ the unity of brethren,/ the love of neighbours,/ a man and a wife that agree together”.
The District Apostle said that the fundamental prerequisite in order to be a source of blessing is the unity in the circles of the apostles and ministers. Jesus prayed for this, ref: (John 17:20-21).
He continued by saying that unity must not be just an idea but must become evident in:
- The gospel – that we all must proclaim one gospel and that no one must proclaim his own gospel.
- The setting of priorities for our pastoral care work.?
- The preservation of the church ordinances (directives), and lastly
- Our love to the Lord Jesus and to the brothers and sisters entrusted into our care.                                                                               

Who are our neighbours? The District Apostle asked and gave the answer as follows:
 where we live and work, those who live with us in the congregation we belong and our neighbouring congregations and districts.
The love of Jesus Christ must be recognized in our contact with one another. “There should be no walls between the congregation and between the members for we all belong together”, he stated.

Finally, a man and wife agree together: The bound and supporting element of marriage must be love, respect, support for each other, being considerate and finding time to speak to each other.

2. Devotional Service
The District Apostle concluded the day’s program by conducting a devotional service for the participants where holy communion was served. The text used was 1 Peter 5:1-4.