Bishop Eric Ampadu (Rtd.) flanked by Shepherd Ansong (right) and Mrs. Adelaide Ampadu (left) during the opening hymn for the seminar
5 May 2018

The 1st of May 2018 (Workers’ holiday) was a very insightful day for the youth of La Congregation (Accra East District) as they were educated and taken through the basics of maintaining a healthy relationship. The lively, fun but educative seminar was led by Bishop Eric Ampadu (Rtd.)

The 3 part seminar began with Bishop Eric Ampadu (Rtd.) explaining the importance and role of a healthy intimate relationship. He further highlighted aspects of looking for a future partner and loving one’s self first to be able to love the other person in a relationship.

The second part of the seminar was a group activity. The attendants were divided into 3 groups, each required to present 3 attributes of ‘Dating the Right Way’. This activity was to elicit the audience’s thoughts before the actual discussion in part 3.

Part 3 began with the Bishop’s take on ‘Dating the Right Way’. The Bishop (Rtd.) encouraged the youth to exercise healthy Christian relationships such as maintaining a positive and open communicative and feedback channel between a couple, respect for each other, being supportive, learning to compromise to a common ground, setting boundaries and respecting each other’s privacy as well as encouraging each other’s growth in the Christian faith.

He also discussed the negative effects of sex before marriage and encouraged members to abstain until marriage. The Bishop (Rtd.), who was also supported by the Rector, Shepherd Ansong as well as his wife, Mrs. Adelaide Ampadu, also illustrated differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships as they addressed varied questions posed by the youth.   
The seminar was the second of its kind organized by the La Youth leadership for their youth and neighboring congregations. It was held on the premise of the La Congregation.